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Advantage Heat Pump Series

  • Ductless systems use our sleek wall mounted indoor air handlers, with a matching single-zone outdoor condenser to deliver precise temperature control.
  • Ideal for residential and commercial structures, renovations, and more – where ducts are less than ideal or not an option.
  • Heat pump variable speed technology provides year-round cooling and heating solutions in extreme weather conditions.
  • Cost effective solution for single-zone applications.
  • 16.5 to 21 SEER high efficiency models with capacities from 9,000 Btu-h to 24,000 Btu/h.
  • Low ambient cooling/heating – outdoor cooling operation range of 5°F to 122°F, outdoor heating range of 5°F to 75°F.
  • Easy installation requiring no ductwork, a small hole for running power wiring and refrigerant lines is all that is needed to connect indoor and outdoor units.
  • Next generation outdoor condenser units with inverter compressor provides exceptionally quiet operation and intelligently adjusts speed.
  • Golden fin improves heat transfer efficiency and can withstand salty air, rain and other corrosive elements.
  • Variety of operating modes:  Turbo mode, Sleep mode, 24 hour time settings.
  • Auto Restart – if system shuts down due to due to power failure, system will restart with previous function when power is restored.
  • Self diagnosis, auto protection and refrigerant leak detection protect the unit.
  • Limited Warranty: 5 years compressor, 2 years parts.

  • Optional Wi-Fi Module

Benefits of EMI’s Advantage Heat Pump Series single-zone ductless systems

With EMI’s Advantage Heat Pump Series, consistent temperature control has never been so easy, cost effective, or flexible!

An easy fit for tough spaces

Whether you need climate control for a single room, a group of rooms, or an entire home – the Advantage Heat Pump Series split solution affords you that flexibility. Simply connect one of our interior air-handling units to a single outdoor compressor unit – avoiding the need for duct work. It’s a great solution for retrofits, multi-unit housing, historic structures, and more!

Zero emissions

The Advantage Heat Pump Series is an environmentally friendly alternative to other carbon-based, temperature-control solutions. So you can rest easy,
knowing your indoor comfort is not achieved at the expense of the great outdoors.

Baby sleeping on bed

Reliable, quiet operation

The Advantage Heat Pump Series runs reliably, thanks
to features like a heated,
ice-resistant base pan on
our outdoor unit and a stainless-steel crankcase
heater to keep compressor oil warm year-round.

The outdoor unit also runs quietly because vibration is minimized and the system automatically adjusts the compressor’s audible output
to as low as 43.9 dB.

Contractor Servicing Wall Unit

Easy installation, minimal maintenance

The Advantage Heat Pump Series system is easily installed and configured by a qualified EMI service professional.

Once installed, maintenance is kept to a minimum. Simply clean the easy-access filter in the system’s air-handling units (no more dusty duct work!). Internal diagnostics and refrigerant leakage detection quickly identifies any issues and reduces service time. And have your qualified EMI contractor conduct routine maintenance of the outside condenser unit.

Remote Control

Choose your control

Troubled by hot and cold spots in your interior? EMI’s  Advantage Heat Pump Series system affords you precise, consistent temperature control.

  • Choice of modes (Turbo, sleep, or timed modes)
  • Flexible Control (handheld remote, Wi-Fi option, and unique “Follow Me” feature)
  • Self-adjusting operation and diagnostics to ensure optimum, year-round performance
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